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About Us

The Purdue University Nutrition Education Program is helping to build a healthier Indiana.

All over Indiana, we’re working to improve community wellness and health equity for all Hoosiers, especially those of us who have the least, through two major offerings: direct education and community wellness initiatives. We partner with local advocates, community organizations, and government agencies to make food and exercise accessible in Indiana.

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  • Community Gardens

    Access to healthy, nutritious food is growing! Learn how the Community Gardens in your area provide fresh produce for food pantries and what the Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program is doing in your community to stay healthy and well!

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  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apple and Ham

    With apples for sweet and ham for savory, this vegetable- and fruit-packed entrée is a taste sensation.

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  • Quick Fix Taco Salad

    No need for dressing with the saucy taco meat mixture atop this salad. But, if you want little something extra, try adding a bit of ranch salad dressing.

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  • Easy Tortellini Soup

    Tender spinach and carrots team with cheese tortellini in this Italian-inspired soup. Serve it piping hot for a quick and hearty supper.

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  • Easy Beef Pot Roast

    Pot roast doesn’t get any easier! Just toss 5 ingredients along with a little water, salt and pepper into your slow cooker. Several hours later, your dinner is done.

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  • Berry-Ginger Refrigerator Oatmeal

    Be sure to purchase either quick-cooking or old-fashioned rolled oats (sold in cylindrical cardboard containers in the cereal aisle) for this tasty breakfast. The instant types of oats (those sold in pouches) are too fine for this recipe.

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  • Fresh Scripts

    A Prescription for Healthier Eating! Learn more about how the Community Gardens help provide access to fresh, nutritious produce and what the Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program is in your community to stay healthy and well!

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  • Farmers Market

    Get Your Fresh Fruit and Vegetables! Watch here to learn more about how Farmers’ Markets provides access to affordable, nutritious food and what the Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program is doing in your community to stay healthy and well!

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  • Making a Difference in Children’s Lives with CATCH

    Learn how PNEP Nutrition Educators work within schools to help children understand the benefits – and fun – of being physically active and eating healthy.

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  • Helping All Kids Get Healthy

    Being physically active for a lifetime starts at a young age. Hear more about the partnership between PNEP sponsored programs and local educators.

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  • Growing Laurel

    In less than two years, the town of Laurel has been transformed from a food desert to a vibrant community pulling together to provide food for those who need it. It all started with one person reaching out to NEP. Follow the journey!

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  • Grocery

    Affordable healthy foods are within reach! Learn more about the area grocery stores are joining the effort to increase access to healthy foods and about what the Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program is doing in your community!

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  • Food Recovery

    Food Rescue. Ending Waste. Feeding Families. Learn more about what the Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program is doing in the community to keep you healthy and well!

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  • Everybody can live a healthy Life

    Learn how PNEP’s Community Wellness Coordinators marshal resources to help those in the blind community live an active, healthy life.

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  • CATCH – Marcia

    Indiana’s school children love working with PNEP Nutrition Educators! They come right into the classroom with fun ways to learn about healthy eating and the importance of physical activity.

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